When the weather's good, pedaling an e-bike is a great alternative to taking the gas-guzzling family car to work. But what about going shopping? Precariously balancing nasty plastic bags on handlebars isn't recommended, and that's where cargo bikes come in handy. Or in the case of the Capacita from California's Pure Cycles, a cargo e-bike.

Pure Cycles – the folks behind last year's Volta electric smart bike – describes the Capacita as "the next generation of cargo carrying e-bike perfection."

"Capacita is more than just a bike or a rider or a motor, it's the seamless integration of all things 'go' finished up with the features designed to make your two-wheeled life as simple and seamless as possible," said the company's Jordan Schau. "From taking your kids to school, to hauling heavy cargo, to riding 40 miles without breaking a sweat, to the peace of mind that comes from GPS security tracking – our Capacita's packed with perks to keep you happy in the saddle."

The full cargo capacity of the Capacita is said to be 350 lb (160 kg), with an extended rear rack reported capable of handling 175 lb of that total. The spacious front basket is reported to be roomy enough to transport a "briefcase, a case of beer, or all the stuff for setting up Steve's surprise party."

The cargo e-bike features a step through aluminum alloy frame with integrated front and rear lighting that power on when the ambient light sensor detects failing daylight, so you don't have to worry about returning to a parked two wheeler only to find that someone's walked off with your lights. The rear light also acts as an automatic brake light.

Pedal assistance comes from a 350 W rear hub motor with two power modes, while a removable 42 V/10 Ah Samsung battery located behind the seat tube should be good for 40 miles (65 km) of range per charge. If the battery runs out of juice while riding, the Capacita can be moved to Bike Mode where the motor is disengaged and the cargo bike can be pedaled home.

Elsewhere, the bottom bracket has an integrated torque sensor, there's a peace of mind GPS anti-theft system installed, Thickslick chunky tires offer a more comfortable ride, and disc brakes supply the stopping power.

The Capacita comes with an integrated smart lock, and can be powered on or off using an included key fob, or via a companion app. The latter also allows riders to set the performance mode, get security alerts, allow friends or family to take the cargo bike for a ride without setting the GPS alarm ringing, and more.

As with the Volta, Pure Cycles is making a crowdfunding production bid, but this time the project has launched on Indiegogo. Pledges start at US$1,399 (44 percent off the expected retail price) and, if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in December. The video below has more.

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