At this time of year, many of us living in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere start wishing that we had a fireplace in our home. Unfortunately, installing a fireplace and chimney in a house that doesn't already have them is quite an involved and expensive process. Here's a solution in the form of a functioning fireplace that you simply hang on the wall like a picture - it's made by a company called Pureflame.

All of Pureflame's portable fireplaces burn a plant-derived ethyl alcohol biofuel, known as Purefuels. According to the company, the fuel is "non-toxic, smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly" - it gives off steam and carbon dioxide as it burns, reportedly in proportions similar to those given off by people as they exhale. One quart (0.95 liters) of the liquid should provide two to five hours of burn time, depending on the room conditions, model of fireplace, and size of flame.

Pureflame makes four models of wall-mounted fireplaces, which range in price from US$649 to $879. Freestanding and tabletop models are also available, the cheapest of which can be purchased for $269.

Source: Pureflame via 7 Gadgets

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