While many people consider record players to be "delightfully retro," those same folks might not have much use for something that plays nothing but vinyl. Pyle Audio has set out to address that, with its decidedly un-retro-named PVTTBT8 turntable. It looks like something you'd bring to a 1950s sock-hop, but it plays both records and digital music files.

The PVTTBT8 features a wooden cabinet, fold-out stereo speakers, and a dual-speed turntable that runs at 33 and 45 rpm. And yes, as can be seen, it folds up into a nifty-looking suitcase format for transit.

It also, however, plays music streamed from pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled device – just in case you don't want to lug your record collection around with you. It can also be hooked up to a Mac or PC running its included music editing software, allowing users to convert their LPs to MP3.

Additionally, it has a 3.5-mm line-in jack, and a stereo RCA output. Power comes from a USB-rechargable battery, or from an electrical outlet using an included AC power adapter.

The PVTTBT8 turntable sells for US$110.

Source: Pyle Audio

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