The iPhone has a fantastic GPS system, can pump out your favorite tunes, and can call a friends when you're late meeting him or her for lunch. All that functionality is great, but can be hard to use when you're doing something like say, riding a bike.

The QuadLock iPhone can be used to lock your phone into place on your bicycle, car dash, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of. The case itself is made from tough polycarbonate plastic, and can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode depending on your personal needs.

The mount itself can be affixed using the included sticky-back adhesive onto any flat surface. For more adventurous locations, you can also attach the mount using a fixing screw to ensure it won't fall off during your exploits.

The same case is used to mount your phone to your bathroom mirror as it is to attach your phone to your mountain bike, making it easy to transition between the two. You can in theory unsnap the phone from your car's dash, and then walk inside and attach it somewhere in your kitchen to watch a video or listen to tunes while you cook.

Currently the only way to pick up the case is to donate to the QuadLock iPhone case project on Kickstarter. The project recently met its goal, which means it is fully funded. Since the project is still technically in the funding stage, cases are discounted from what they might be when they eventually hit stores.

Those who pledge US$25 to the project walk away with a QuadLock system, $50 gets you a system designed specially to be used on a bike, and $80 gets you a Kickstarter Limited Edition version of the case.

The Quad Lock case isn't the only way to attach your iPhone to your bike. The Optrix HD, for instance, is a housing for your iPhone that is "tough enough for military use" and can be mounted on a helmet, handlebars, or sporting equipment and used to record video hands-free. Dahon's BioLogic Bike Mount, on the other hand, is able to swivel from portrait to landscape mode while attached to your handlebars.

You can check out a video recorded using the case on a bike and plane below.

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