Through virtual reality, it's already possible to play games, learn, visit faraway places, and even overcome fears. An emerging tool called Quill adds another spark of imagination to the VR mix: It lets you conjure up a world around you by drawing and painting it in mid-air.

Quill has its roots in the making of Dear Angelica, an Oculus-produced animated VR movie that was previewed at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Formerly a strictly professional tool, it has been adapted to provide an illustration experience (similar to the Vive's Tilt Brush) for the general public that brings creativity to at-home VR artists.

With a tool like Quill, VR is not limited to immersive experiences; it can be an immersive medium as well. Using Oculus Touch controllers and the Rift headset, VR artists can select different paint brushes and colors and fill the surrounding area with virtual brushstrokes and drawings.

Oculus does not mention a specific intended use for Quill, other than art for art's sake: "Pioneering of any kind – but especially in VR – won't happen through a few individuals alone – it requires a movement. That's why we're excited to share Quill with artists around the world and discover how other creative minds will use it."

The free beta version of Quill for Oculus Rift launches alongside the release of Touch controllers on December 6.

You can get a quick glimpse of Quill in action below.

Source: Oculus

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