QWERTY keyboards deserve to die

QWERTY keyboards deserve to die
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August 4, 2006 We are fully in agreement with Triggerfinger’s company motto of “QWERTY keyboards deserve to die” so please do your bit to let people know that there’s an alternative to the old dinosaur that was invented 150 years ago. Triggerfinger has developed software that turns any game controller into a replacement for a keyboard/mouse for a media PC, laptop/mobile and Game Console. The software was developed to provide freedom from the onscreen or QWERTY keyboard found on most computers and the use of a hand held input device eliminates these problems by putting the keyboard/mouse in the palm of your hand. Experts in Human Factors think the acceptable threshold for text input is 15 wpm. Triggerfinger research shows an inexperienced user with an hour of instruction on a Triggerfinger-enabled device exceeds this established base line. This compares very favorably to an onscreen keyboard or stylus text input. Demos and video of the software are available here.

Triggerfinger Software works across various platforms - a smart phone enabled with Triggerfinger Software eliminates the need for a mini qwerty keyboard and 12 button keypad. Game equipment manufacturers such as Logitech and Thrustmaster have invested considerable resources to improve the gaming experience. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have new consoles that make gaming more enjoyable for even the casual player. Triggerfinger Software elevates these products to an even higher level of useful operation.

Media PC

The benefits of using Triggerfinger Software in home with a media PC are numerous. A home owner is able to consolidate the TV remote, keyboard/mouse for internet navigation, and game console hardware requirements with a Triggerfinger enabled game controller. This provides a cost savings as well as the elimination of electronic gear that messes up mom’s living room.


Triggerfinger Software replaces the cramped or onscreen keyboard/mouse with a hand held touch typing device capable of 15-25 wpm (words/minute) text input. The full function QWERTY replacement keyboard/mouse offers all the features of the standard keyboard without the size limitations placed on small, mobile computer platforms. This device allows for more comfortable, ergonomically correct hand positioning when using a mobile or laptop computer.

Game Console

Triggerfinger Software enables a Gamer to enhance the capabilities of their game console without purchasing additional hardware. The online gaming community requires a certain amount of alpha-numeric input and mouse controls to register, trash talk, communicate with fellow players, play specific games, and download new games. A Triggerfinger enabled game controller provides these capabilities without the need of an onscreen or separate keyboard.

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