Beautiful in its simplicity, Rahul Agarwal's Polygons measuring spoon design is a multi-hinged piece of flat polypropylene that folds into four different volume measurements, from a teaspoon to two tablespoons, depending on how you pick it up.

Folding the flat piece of polypropylene into the desired volume doesn't require any origami expertize, but is as simple as gripping the sides of the strip and squeezing. The volume varies depending on how far along the strip you squeeze and each measure folds tightly enough to use with liquids or powders. And since its natural shape is flat, it's easy to wipe residue off the Polygons spoon and clean it when you're done.

Agarwhal sees the spoon's flat-pack nature as its key advantage – you can even use it as a bookmark for your cookbooks, or build a version of it into the packaging of a medicine, for example.

Either way, its simple geometries are quite pleasing to the eye, and we imagine to the touch as well. Nifty idea! Unfortunately, at the moment it appears that's all it is, but the simplicity of the design means it probably wouldn't be that difficult to construct your own.

You can see the Polygons measuring spoon in action in the video below.

Source: Coroflot

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