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RainMaker HS
RainMaker HS
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RainMaker HS
RainMaker HS

November 8, 2007 The Rainmaker Humidification System enables extremely precise control of water vapor, a process essential for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other thin films including photovoltaic cells, where techniques are constantly being developed to reduce the price and increase the productivity of solar systems.

The RASIRC RainMaker is the first and only system to generate, purify, and control the flow rate and delivery of precise amounts (below 1 mg/min) of ultra-pure water vapor. This provides an accurate and repeatable option for process engineers as precise control of water vapor is essential for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes, semiconductors, photovoltaic cells, and pharmaceuticals. No alternative technology, including bubblers, torches, and direct liquid injection, can deliver precise control of water vapor and at the same time remove particles, dissolved gases, and ionic impurities.

The membrane selects only the source gas molecules while other contaminants in the liquid source cannot permeate across the membrane or enter the carrier gas stream. This results in a saturated product that is consistent and pure. Because it works on 100% carrier gas saturation, the system can be cycled on and off without significant effect on accuracy.

The RainMaker HS consists of a non-porous membrane that excludes particles, micro-droplets, volatile gases, and other opposite charged species from being transferred to the carrier gas and ensures only water vapor is added. The system offers cost saving benefits when compared to the use of vaporizers or direct liquid injection. This reduction in production cost could mean a further decrease in the expense of producing solar cells for renewable energy.

The RainMaker was recently selected as a finalist for 2007 Most Innovative New Product “MIP” Awards from CONNECT. Winners of the awards will be announced in December 2007.

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