Whether you want to add special effects to a photo, reduce haziness or color the scene, lens filters can be very useful in-the-field photography tools. The Rapid Filter System by Alter lets photographers apply a filter the moment its needed, and disengage when it's not.

The Rapid Filter System (RFS) is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, and is a device of two linked parts. One component is mounted to the lens thread before heading out on a shoot. The filter ring is attached to this by a hinge.

When the photographer needs an effect applied, the filter part is dropped over the lens and held in place by built-in magnets that sit opposite the adjustable friction hinge. The filter component is simply raised up and out of the way when the filter is not needed.

The RFS has been developed to accommodate filter sizes from 40.5 mm to 105 mm and by modifying one component, the system can be adapted to fit lenses with a smaller diameter thread.

RFS Kickstarter pledges start at US$67 and, if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in September. The video below has more.

Sources: Alter, Kickstarter

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