Named after an ancient symbol representing constant re-creation, the Ouroboros gaming mouse from Razer is all about customization and choice. The device features a fully adjustable body and symmetrical, ambidextrous design, with adjustable arched palm rest and back, and two interchangeable side panels. This means that the length, tilt angle and side configuration are all adjustable, giving the user significant room for personal customization.

The 8200 DPI 4G Dual Sensor System features both a laser and an optical sensor for improved tracking, while the 1 ms gaming-grade wireless technology is designed to make the Ouroboros equally as responsive cordless, as it is plugged in. Power is handled by a single rechargeable AA battery that Razer claims will hold out for a full 12 hours of gaming.

You also get 11 programmable Hyperesponse buttons including a dedicated DPI clutch trigger. The product is supplied with Synapse 2.0 software, allowing users to create and save custom profiles and sync them from anywhere in the world.

At US$129.99, the Ouroboros isn't the only customizable, high-end gaming mouse on the market, with Mad Catz Interactive's popular Cyborg line offering much of the same functionality through a range of price points.

The R.A.T. 9 retails for $149.99, offering 1 ms wireless response time and adjustable, interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rests. However, the R.A.T. 9 features a lower sensitivity level of 6400 DPI and just six programmable buttons. The Mad Catz product is also less adjustable, with no option to alter the tilt angle of the back arch or to change the side panels to allow for left handed use. On paper at least, this makes the Ouroboros the more versatile option.

Source: Razer

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