Rechargeable Mouse beats cordless power supply problems

Rechargeable Mouse beats cordless power supply problems
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The wireless mouse is now a familiar site and few would argue against the benefits of a cord-free desk. The drawback in our experience is that these devices chew through batteries if you don't turn them off after each use, edging-up the cost of running a computer and sending you on a trip to the shop for replacements every other week. Logitech's solution is to provide a rapid charge base station that both stores and keeps the mouse powered and always ready for use.

The latest cordless keyboard and mouse combination from Logitech - the Cordless MX Duo - includes the MX-700 rechargeable cordless optical mouse and base station charger. Both keyboard and mouse employ Fast-RF Cordless Technology, delivering reliable performance within a two-metre radius of the receiver with no line-of-sight requirement.

By increasing the cordless report rate to 125 reports per second, Fast-RF matches the rate of a USB cable connection and according to Logitech, this combined with increased transmission speed and reduced latency, delivers smoothness and precision previously known only in corded mice.

The Logitech Cordless MX Duo is available throughout Australia from major computer stores and costs AUS$229.

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