As minibuses and vans go, you would think Mercedes' offerings would be about as high-end as you could get. Russia-based tuning outfit Redline Engineering, however, has taken a V-Class and a Sprinter and given them the super-luxury mobile office and tour van treatment.

The Mercedes V-­Class normally seats up to eight people, but Redline, which has previously kitted out a Volkswagen T6 for luxury, wanted to put all that space to use in other ways. As such, the number of seats have been reduced to two in the rear, with heating and massage functionalities, as well as a motorized foot-stool for really kicking back.

A partition has been put in between the driver and passenger compartments, with electrochromic glass that allows the level of transparency to be adjusted. The passenger compartment is also soundproofed for privacy and there are curtains to block out the world beyond the windows. The vehicle's roof has been raised slightly and fitted with panoramic glazing.

For getting work done, there's a 3G/4G module for high speed mobile internet access and a 40-in monitor to which occupants can connect their laptops. An Apple TV box also caters for break-time visual entertainment, while music provision comes by way of a Pioneer 99RS head unit and an accompanying audio system with a subwoofer.

Other features include a refrigerator, an integrated hanger with electric drive and passenger compartment lighting. Finishes include leather, Alcantara and merbau wood.

Whereas seats were removed from the V-Class, they were added to the Sprinter van, which was modified in such a way as to accommodate five people for medium- and long-distance journeys. There are four seats in the passenger compartment, all of which are electrically adjustable and have memory, massage and ventilation functions, and a driver's seat in the front.

The passenger compartment is again separated from the driver's compartment, in this case with motorized glazing. Passengers can while away their time watching a 32-in TV, with noise isolation minimizing any potential disturbances from outside.

There are pull-out drawers and storage spaces, as well as finishes of leather, Alcantara and veneer wood. Adjustable automatic air suspension has been fitted on the rear axle for improved ride comfort.

Update June 21: We've recieved some additional information from Redline. Both the V-Class and Sprinter projects were started in January and completed this month. They were created specifically for clients and cost €190,000 (US$215,600) and €185,000 ($209,900) respectively.

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