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Refrigerator with the lot - Maytag Ice2O

Refrigerator with the lot - Maytag Ice2O
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January 13, 2006 There’s not much more you can expect of a refrigerator than this. It’s Maytag’s newest and top-of-the-range refrigerator, the Ice2O French Door Bottom-Freezer with an external ice and water dispenser. The Ice2O combines the best features of a side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerator in one design, along with the largest-available fresh food capacity.

Resetting the high-water mark for convenience and versatility, the Maytag Ice2O French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator includes the generous fresh food compartment that Mom wants for keeping foods neatly stored and at eye level; the bottom-freezer access that Dad wants for his next late-night ice cream snack; and, for the entire family, the ease of external ice and water.

A look inside reveals not only the largest fresh food capacity on the market, but also a bevy of convenient features perfect for home entertaining.

Its Beverage Chiller compartment keeps two gallons of milk, soda or other drinks colder than the rest of the refrigerator, while its full-width, temperature-controlled Wide-N-Fresh Deli Drawer offers a convenient place to store platters or deli meats and cheeses. For the grab-and-go members of the family, a built-in door organizer holds cans, 20-ounce bottles or yogurt just inside the French door.

An Elevator shelf in the fresh food compartment rolls up and down smoothly -- even when loaded with food -- to make room for pitchers of lemonade and other tall items. Easy-glide shelves pull out to make items in the back of the refrigerator as easily accessible as those in the front.

Setting temperatures is a breeze with the Electronic-Quad Cool System with digital external controls. Four sensors continually monitor and adjust the refrigerator temperatures to keep food at its freshest. And there is a childproof lock-out feature to control not only the temperature adjustment but also ice and water dispensing.

The Maytag Ice2O French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator will be available in February with an estimated retail price of US$2,200 to US$2500

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