Relationship matching for dog and cat adopters

Relationship matching for dog and cat adopters
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January 20, 2008 Formalized personality testing is a relatively new method of determining abilities and suitability for a wide range of pursuits, careers and personal and teams relationships – the first such test was administered in 1919 and development over the last half century has been rapid with numerous such tests now available online. So it makes sense that sooner or later, these techniques would be applied to owners and their pets. Now the resourceful and innovative ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ) has come up with a better way of finding a dog or cat that will best meet your needs and lifestyle as part of its adoption and selection process - the Canine-ality and Feline-ality Adoption Program is a simple but comprehensive assessment that helps to properly meet the expectations of new pet owners with the behavioural characteristics of available shelter dogs and cats to create the perfect fit between adopter and dog.

The new program was introduced in early 2006 for dogs and its success spawned a feline equivalent in 2007. Given that approximately one in three marriages is expected to end in divorce in the United States, with considerably more “til death us do part” commitment involved than with pet adoption, this approach is to be lauded, and indeed, promoted. Let’s hope the program prospers and spreads internationally.

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