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The DIY haircut made simple: Remington's ShortCut Clipper

The DIY haircut made simple: R...
New Remington® ShortCut Clipper
New Remington® ShortCut Clipper
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New Remington® ShortCut Clipper
New Remington® ShortCut Clipper
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April 9, 2008 What could be simpler than a buzz cut - it's low maintenance, low-cost and you even save on shampoo. But as anyone who has ever attempted to clip their own hair can attest, doing the job yourself ain't as simple as it looks, with elusive strands of longer hair almost always escaping the blades and leaving you with that less than attractive "not quite finished" look. Remington's solution is the ShortCut Clipper, a product billed as the first-ever clipper system designed to allow men to cut their own hair which uses a curved cutting system and unique brush shape to deliver fast, error-free, DIY results.

Rather than conventional designs that require the hand to be above and behind the clipper blades, the Shortcut's brush design acts like well, a brush, vastly improving your chances of covering the entire scalp evenly. The process is also sped up by the use of extra wide curved blades that cut to the shape of your head in both directions.

An adjustable comb guide offers 5 length settings (1/8” to 1/2”) along with a "balding comb" attachment that gives the closest cut possible from an electric hair clipper.

The cordless ShortCut Clipper will run for 40-minutes on one charge and also features self-sharpening blades and a pop-up trimmer to detail around the ears and neckline.

Two models are available: the standard version costs US$29.99 and the high-end chrome model is priced at $39.99.

See the Remington ShortCut site for retailers and further details.

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