Renault turns more than heads with its new swivel seat

Renault turns more than heads with its new swivel seat
Renault will offer Europe's first original equipment swivel seat on its New Clio
Renault will offer Europe's first original equipment swivel seat on its New Clio
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Renault will offer Europe's first original equipment swivel seat on its New Clio
Renault will offer Europe's first original equipment swivel seat on its New Clio
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Renault is making getting in and out of its New Clio easier for Europeans with the introduction of Europe’s first original equipment swivel seat. Comprising a swivel base located beneath the original front passenger seat the optional swivel seat turns through 75 degrees at the pull of a lever situated underneath it. The seat locks automatically into place to ensure the passenger isn’t doing the twist as the vehicle is being driven.

Part of the company's Mobility for All campaign, the factory fitted seat is a fully integrated part of the New Clio’s cabin and has no impact on the car’s structure, styling, comfort or safety when compared to vehicle’s that don’t opt for the swivel seat. The seat also comes with a footrest that can be lifted and folded away into the seat’s base when the car is moving. It is designed to seat passengers of up to 130kg.

Due for release in June the swivel seat will initially be available in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland this year, with availability extending to other markets and other models from the Renault range at a later date.

The swivel seat is available as an option for the three- and five-door versions of the New Clio’s Expression Clim and Dynamique Tom Tom equipment levels at a tax-paid price of 1,600 euro (approx. US$2,140), which Renault says is significantly cheaper that an equivalent product from an after-sales conversion.

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Chevrolet did the same thing in 1970!! The Chevy Malibu had swivel front seats, as an option, for about 3 years. A simple release handle allowed the to swivel about 90* , then lock back into place. I am VERY SORRY the option did not \"catch on\" back then! Maybe it will do better this time! It would certainly help ME, and MANY OTHERS who have various handicaps and/or reduced mobility due to age or injuries. (It would even be helpful for all the OBESE AMERICANS we have struggling every day to get in and out of their cars!) It would even be good for BACK seats, to make it easier to get in and out, but also to make it easier for putting babies in car seats. On higher-priced vehicles, they could even add a \"power\" option to swivel the seat in or out at the touch of a button!
I think it is a GREAT idea! ...But it is NOT a \"NEW\" idea...
Not new, only new to Renault. American manufacturers and customisers have been doing \"captain seats\" for decades.
It\'s not at all a new idea of course, but the text says \"first in Europe\" \"standard equipment\". By that I interpret it as the author is well aware. of other swivel seats elsewhere in the World, and in Europe, but then only as an optional extra. Renault itself has indeed had swivel seats before. Renault Espace, the first proper MPV, Multi Purpose Vehicle, had swivel seats front and back. They could even be swiveled 360 degrees. The point was to make the car usable as a meeting room or dining room. Actually this car was neither designed, developed nor built by Renault, but all done by Matra. A very nice, and a bit strange car made from aluminium and fibre glass starting late seventies I think. Some models were really fast! Tried one in France at the time. Impressive.
The last 10 years or so it\'s been named Grand Espace, which is a totally re engineered model by Renault themselves, made in-house. This is a heavy stupid steel car like all others. Just another worthless minivan. The racing legendary Matra works were closed down recently. The Espace\'s fabulous handling is gone, along with its agility, rust resilience and special personality. Well, innovative artistry is once again consumed by the greedy who don\'t understand that it\'s stupid to eat the goose that lays the golden eggs. Life goes on, and hey, they now use the swivel seat again!
Gerry Flood
Sorry, My 1958 Fiat 1200 TV Roadster also had swivel seats. They worked better than anything else on the car. But, I still miss it.
Hopeful Hooves
My 1977 El Camino SS has original swivel bucket seats and while they could use an update to make them look nice and fuction to original specs, still work pretty well for being 40 years old plus!
These seats should be in taxis