When your Wi-Fi stops working, you can usually plan on spending the next five minutes cycling the power to your broadband modem, router and/or access point off and back on again and hoping that does the trick. ResetPlug is designed to prevent this irritating procedure by automatically hitting the power reset button for you.

ResetPlug is basically a smart outlet that monitors your Wi-Fi network. If it detects that you've lost your Internet connection, it will continuously cycle power to whatever is plugged into it until you're back online. If your modem and router and/or access point are separate devices, you can simply plug them all into a power strip and then plug that into ResetPlug.

It's kind of a simplified version of the Amazing Jellybean, which launched on Kickstarter a few years ago. That product allowed for modem and router to be restarted in order, as is often recommended, but ResetPlug simply turns everything off and on again all at once. So if your setup is older or particularly sensitive, it's possible ResetPlug might not do the trick if your connection easily gets out of sync.

It might seem silly to automate a solution to an infrequent problem that can so easily be solved manually, but MultiNet, the maker of ResetPlug, makes the case that its product could be indispensable for anyone who relies on a working network when they're away to keep things like alarms, security cameras, servers, sensors, smart appliances or any other Internet of Things devices connected.

The ResetPlug comes ready for U.S. standard plugs, but it works for outlets rated 90-260V AC and should work in most countries with the proper physical adapters. The company says that international versions will be available in the future.

ResetPlug can be ordered online for US$60.

Product page: ResetPlug

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