Gaming is always evolving, with the technology forever pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This means there's a heavy dose of nostalgia lurking inside all gamers of a certain age who once played Tetris and Pac-Man and now play Call of Duty and Halo. Retro gaming is big business, on eBay and beyond, and it isn't just about the games themselves but all the merchandise associated with them - even furniture, such as this Retro Alien Couch from designer Igor Chak.

The Retro Alien Couch is inspired by, and reminiscent of, the aliens from Space Invaders circa 1978. In fact, Chak referred to the piece of furniture as Space Invader Couch at the design stage, only changing the name now that it's available to purchase. The design has also changed a little from concept to reality, with the antennae originally featured being removed altogether.

What's left is unmistakably retro and alien in nature. The white edging contrasts perfectly with the black leather, which also features stitching that mirrors the pixelation seen in the original game. It should also be fairly comfortable, with the leather covering memory foam cushions.

Retro Alien Couch features memory foam cushions covered in leather

Retro Alien Couch is being custom-built to order in Los Angeles, California, on a limited production run basis. The sofa is priced at US$5,000, with sales tax and shipping costs added on top of that. So, not exactly cheap, but the perfect sofa for any retro gamer to sit on while playing their Nintendo ... possibly using this fully-functioning controller coffee table to do so.

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