Dutch company Revit describes itself as "being on a never-ending quest to develop motorcycle gear that can be taken as far as you want to travel". Within this scope, the promotion of its Spring/Summer 2015 collection in the USA centers around an AWD custom build based on KTM’s 950 Super Enduro.

Project Double Dare was initiated last October, when the Super Enduro arrived at Chris Cosentino’s custom shop in the outskirts of New York. The team assigned to the task of fabricating this special motorcycle included Gerbrandt Aarts, creative director for Revit, fabricator Scott Kolb, and photographers Gregor Halenda and Tommy Liggett. The motorcycle was christened the Revit #95, paying tribute to the year that the company was founded.

This was intended to be a motorcycle that embodied the company’s core values, so a typical aesthetic customization would seem a bit trivial. Having the luxury of working with the builder who first installed a two-wheel drive system on a customer’s KTM 990 Adventure, Cosentino’s expertise was put to good use. A similar application would be the key to transforming the Super Enduro to a no-boundaries adventure bike.

The choice of Christini’s All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system was the next step. This race-proven kit transfers motion from the transmission to the front wheel through a series of gears, chains and shafts. Commercially available as a kit for Honda and KTM 450 enduro bikes, in this case its application required a lot of hard work, including modifications to the frame in order to make room for the whole kit to be fitted behind the side tubes.

An extra feature is a lever on the handlebars that activates the AWD system at will. When the system is active it allows the front to freewheel until the rear has lost 80 percent of its traction. Then a one-way clutch installed in the front wheel hub disengages, allowing the transfer of motion to the front until the rear finds grip again.

In its new form, the Super Enduro has a new set of wheels – a 19-in front and 17-in rear, equipped with a set of Continental TKC80 knobbies. This choice in wheel dimensions is compatible with a wider variety of tires, as the two-wheel drive compensates for the loss of the original 21-in front.

Another show stopper on the #95 is undoubtedly the hand-made aluminum gas tank, a central feature that underlines both the adventurous and customized feel of the bike. The stock Keihin THB 46 mm carburetors were replaced by Keihin’s most famous product, a couple of FCR flatsides 41 mm, paired with a set of custom-made velocity stacks. The engine’s breathing was completed with the fabrication of a custom pair of exhausts.

The transformation of two elbow pads as hand guards on the handlebars is a really nice touch, especially since these are the Seeflex limb protectors, a brand new line recently honored with the Red Dot "Best of the best" 2015 design award. Equally refreshing is the use of an iPhone in the place of regular instruments. The smartphone already includes a GPS and with the right apps can be whatever the rider needs it to be.

The custom motorcycle was completed on April 21 and was immediately dispatched to a GS Giants’ event in Tennessee for the photo and video shoot of the new Revit collection. Soon after this first task, the motorcycle returned to the shop for a necessary course of bug fixing and fine tuning, before embarking on a full promotional tour around the US.

While waiting for some action footage from Revit, enjoy the official video describing the making of this special two-wheel drive Super Enduro.

Source: Revit

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