Glasgow's RHA has impressed us a number of times in the past with high-end cabled earphones like the T20, and now the audio gear maker has announced what it's calling the world's first wireless in-ear headphone to use planar magnetic technology. Planar is pretty hard to beat in terms of accuracy, responsiveness and low distortion listening, which makes the CL2 earphones an interesting wireless proposal. And if you don't need to go Bluetooth, the in-ear headphones can be cabled too.

"At the start of the design process for the CL2 Planar, my team were faced with the challenge of creating a new standard in acoustic engineering," said RHA's Kyle Hutchison. "We spent years researching and testing, and what we have produced is a world-first in magnetic driver technology."

The design team spent four years on the CL2 project to be exact. RHA says that the 10 mm planar magnetic driver at the heart of the CL2 earphones is the most compact ever released, and is made up of a planar coil and 16 micrometer diaphragm suspended above two magnetic fields.

Those drivers are wrapped in lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant housings fashioned using zirconium dioxide and offer a wide 16 Hz to 45 kHz frequency response, 15 ohms impedance and 89 dB sensitivity.

The CL2 in-ear headphones comes with a modified version of RHA's SecureFlex 12 hour Bluetooth neckband for wireless music listening, which vibrates when a call is received on a paired phone and includes NFC functionality for tap-to-connect convenience. Detachable 3.5 mm and balanced 2.5 mm cables are supplied for physically connecting the earphones to a music player, for those times when quality trumps portability.

The RHA CL2 Planar in-ear headphones are due to go on sale from September 12 for US$899.95, but are up for pre-order online from today. The RHA earphones will make their public debut at the upcoming IFA consumer tech show in Berlin, where New Atlas will be on the ground for all the latest product releases.

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