Ridgway, Colorado-based tiny house builder Jeremy Matlock is currently putting the finishing touches to this tiny house, which looks a little like a boat. Built on an 18 ft (5.4 m) trailer and comprising a total floorspace of around 200 sq ft (18.5 sq m), the home can be adapted to run off-the-grid and boasts some nice touches, including its own balcony.

The as-yet unnamed tiny house sports cedar siding and beetle kill pine throughout the interior. Insulation is rated at an R-Value (a measure of thermal resistance) rating of 18 for the walls, floor, and roof, which should prove comfortable for temperate climes. A total of 10 double-glazed windows should also make for plenty of natural light inside.

Entering via one of the two main doors, visitors find a lounge area with an L-shaped couch and wood-burning stove, which provides heat for the whole home. A folding breakfast table provides space for dining and the kitchen area includes a fridge, sink, two-burner cooktop, convection oven, and an on-demand water heater.

The bathroom has some privacy thanks to a sliding barn door and includes a composting toilet, a small 36-inch (91 cm) bathtub, and a shower.

Moving upstairs via the staircase with built-in storage, the snug loft bedroom area features a small "hobbit door" that leads onto a balcony space. Besides offering a place to get a little sun or grow a few plants, it's also a pretty useful safety feature should the worst happen and a fire starts downstairs.

Though the tiny house currently does not have a solar power setup, it can be outfitted with a solar array and batteries if the owner wishes to go off-the-grid.

The tiny house is still under construction but Matlock expects to have it completed in July. It will set you back US$39,500.

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