There are plenty of cargo bikes, e-bikes and comfortable full-suspension bikes on the market, but it can be tough to find a combination of the three. Riese & Muller may have successfully married the three elements with its full suspension, electrically boosted, cargo-carrying Load e-bike.

The Load has a fairly conventional chassis design. It sits the rider at the rear, and the load down low in front of them for maximum capacity and stability without obscuring the rider's line of sight. There are a number of options for the load bay, including low and high-sidewall cargo boxes, a side-by-side child seat, or a baby-seat mount. You can also add a canvas weather shield, see-through child cover, or an elastically-attached tarpaulin.

Riese & Muller says the trellis frame has been designed to minimize flex, and its low center of gravity delivers a sporty ride. It isn't going to feel like a proper racing bike, but the fact the company has put some time into making sure the bike doesn't feel like a barge is worth noting. Standard suspension means the ride should be nice and smooth over cobbles or rough roads, too, something anyone riding around European cities should appreciate.

Speaking of things owners should appreciate, Bosch Performance electric motors are standard across the range. The pedal-motor will provide assistance up to 25 km/h (16 mph) on base models, or 45 km/h (28 mph) in top-spec. If speed isn't a concern, or you're planning on hauling heavy loads, the bike is also available with a Performance CX motor that prioritizes torque over speed. Bosch says it offers a 300 percent boost over regular pedaling.

One 500-Wh battery is standard, but an optional dual-battery setup provides 1,000 Wh of juice for double the range, and both batteries can be charged at the same time from a single charger. Given how heavy the bike and batteries are, plus any cargo you might add to that, the fitment of dual hydraulic disc brakes is reassuring. Owners should also be reassured by the standard ABUS frame lock, which should stop thieves simply wheeling the bike away while you're making a delivery.

All of this clever city bike design doesn't come cheap. Prices for the Load start at US$5,050 but a dual-battery bike with a high-sided, weatherproof child carrier and the most powerful motor can quickly push towards $6,000. But that might be a small price to pay if you're after a smooth riding, battery-boosted cargo bike.

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