Rimac has unveiled a special California edition of its C_Two hypercar. The C_Two, which debuted earlier this year in Geneva, is an all-electric beast capable of 258 mph (415 km/h) and (eventually) level four autonomous driving. The new California edition adds room for two champagne bottles.

The Rimac C_Two has been "reimagined to tally with the vibrant Californian scene." That means, it appears, accommodation for two 6-liter champagne bottles and crystal flutes in order to fit in at Monterey Car Week.

During the week of car showcases in Monterey, California, Rimac will be hosting special guests at its estate nearby and then joining the show at The Quail on August 24 and the Exotics on Canary Row the following day. These are the premier Monterey Car Week events held every year, featuring some of the rarest supercars in the world.

We suspect those in attendance will be suitably wowed by the Rimac C-Two's electric blue paint job and promises of 1,914 peak horsepower (1,417 kW) and 1,696 pound-feet (2,300 Nm) of torque.

Move over, Bugatti. Now there's something prettier for the beach bums.

Source: Rimac

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