Ringtool from Reductivist might just be the smallest multitool we've ever seen. The creator came up with the idea because he wanted a tool small enough to carry with him on his bicycle commute, but reasoned that it could be used by almost anyone.

The device is made of hardened and tempered stainless steel, which is commonly seen in the manufacture of multitools, as it is durable enough to handle the torque. In the case of the Ringtool, the material also works well because it is lightweight, with the total weight of the device coming in at about 1 oz (28.35 g). This allows it to be carried on a keyring (or almost anywhere else for that matter).

The device comes with all tools needed for those quick repairs. Here's the complete list:

  • Bottle opener
  • 3mm Hexhead
  • 4mm Hexhead
  • 5mm Hexhead
  • 6mm Hexhead
  • 8mm Hexhead
  • Flathead Driver
  • Phillips Driver
  • Torxhead T25 Driver
  • 0.127" (3.23 mm) Spoke wrench
  • 0.127" (3.23 mm) Spoke wrench

The creators point out that the Ringtool is TSA approved, so users should not have an issue getting on a plane while carrying one.

Reductivist is seeking funding for its tiny multitool on Kickstarter. Backers have already propelled it past its US$10,000 goal, and can pick one up for $30 from the first batch, which will ship in October. For $25, backers can elect to receive one in December.

Source: Kickstarter

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