Rinspeed 'chops' the Porsche Cayenne

Rinspeed 'chops' the Porsche Cayenne
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November 2, 2004 The latest creation of the Swiss design powerhouse and tuner Rinspeed is the Porsche Cayenne-based Chopster, inspired by the mostly American cult to lower the roof line ('chop') on even the most unlikely vehicles. And the Cayenne, one of the best looking multi-purpose machines on the market, is an unlikely vehicle to mess with.

The main focus lies on the redesign of the complete roof section as well as on the conversion to a for this type of vehicle highly unusual three-door layout. The entire roof line including the A-, B -, C- and D-pillars is lowered by approximately 6 inches (150 mm). The "chop" requires all glass panels to be redone. The rigidity of the roof section also has to be recalculated. In for a penny, in for a pound - while working on these aspects of the conversion Rinspeed also eliminated the rear doors and designed a true three-door vehicle. The result is a vehicle dominated by dynamic lines that give the 'Chopster' a stocky and powerful look.

The interior reflects the sporty external appearance. Four independent bucket seats provide the required lateral support. An integrated but hidden anti-roll bar protects the passengers. The interior is upholstered with the finest leather available and despite its sporty character leaves nothing to be desired in the comfort category either. Upon customer request special materials such as carbon or aluminum can be applied throughout the interior.

Also apparent at first glance is the newly designed front with the big air ducts that gives the 'Chopster' its own unique new look. All four fenders are wider, bigger and designed to harmonize with the overall appearance of the 'Chopster.' Striking new side sills and an upgraded rear round out the body modifications.

The 'Rinspeed Chopster' lives on big feet: 10J x 23 size wheels fitted with size 305 tires on front and rear axles fill out the wheel arches perfectly.

Customers who appreciate such extraordinary design usually also demand improved performance through increased engine power. The 'Chopster's' power plant produces 600 hp of maximum power and almost 800 Nm of peak torque - more than enough for superior driving in any situation and enough to reach a top speed of 290 km/h which is quite a feat for a vehicle with as much frontal area as an SUV..

Exclusivity is also guaranteed by the 'Chopster's' price: Depending on the ordered options the price ranges from 325,000 to 375,000 euros.

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