Robotic system identifies EVs and charges them up

Robotic system identifies EVs ...
The system is compatible cars that have a standard type of charging port
The system is compatible cars that have a standard type of charging port
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The system is compatible cars that have a standard type of charging port
The system is compatible cars that have a standard type of charging port

In order to make electric cars more appealing to consumers, automakers have been experimenting with robotic chargers that automatically plug themselves into specific cars such as Volkswagens or Teslas. A new system, however, is designed to work with a wide variety of electric vehicles.

The system is part of the KoMoT project (Komfortable Mobilität mittels Technologieintegration, or "convenient mobility by means of technology integration"). It was developed by a team at Austria's Graz University of Technology, working with colleagues from BMW, MAGNA Steyr Engineering, the KEBA automation company, and the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers.

Installed at an indoor or outdoor charging station, the setup incorporates several cameras that image vehicles as they pull up and park at that station. The cars do not have to be parked in a precise spot, and the system works under various lighting conditions.

By analyzing the images from the cameras, the high-capacity charger is able to identify the make/model of car, plus it can locate the vehicle's charging port and identify what type it is. It then extends a liquid-cooled charging plug of the appropriate type, and sticks it in. In some cases, a charge can reportedly be completed within a matter of minutes.

"For the first time we have found a way to automatically recharge several vehicles, one after another, using a robotic charging station, without the need to adapt the vehicles," says Bernhard Walzel, who is overseeing the research.

The system can be seen in action, in the video below.

Source: Graz University of Technology

TU Graz entwickelt robotergesteuertes Schnellladesystem für E-Fahrzeuge

Well this won't work on a lot of EVs which you have to push a button on the dash to open the charging port door. Nissan Leaf is like this won't work for sure with Leaf's.
Derek Howe
Tesla tried this a few years back, it worked, but looked like the car was betting banged, so it just turned into funny meme's and vines, and Musk moved away from it. lol
Will it detect idiots trying to drive off whilst still connected, having forgotten their vehicle is on charge? Don't scoff, check YouTube for incidents in petrol stations, where to driver actually placed the nozzle in the filler themselves.
Derek Howe
Techtwit - EV's don't drive while plugged in.'s idiot proof.
All these ideas of how to charge an electric car seem nice but complex and slow. I think the best option would be an automated system that swaps out your batteries, replaces it with a fully charged one and bills you for the full one minus any unused charge from the old battery. These battery packs could be placed under the passenger compartment of the car and either slid out by the new one or dropped and removed.