Roxxxy the US$7,000 companion/sex robot (NSFW)

Roxxxy the US$7,000 companion/sex robot (NSFW)
Roxxxy the world-first sex robot comes with her own personality matched to yours. She talks, listens, converses, reacts and offers more than high-end sex dolls, say her manufacturers
Roxxxy the world-first sex robot comes with her own personality matched to yours. She talks, listens, converses, reacts and offers more than high-end sex dolls, say her manufacturers
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Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world-first sex robot comes with her own personality matched to yours. She talks, listens, converses, reacts and offers more than high-end sex dolls, say her manufacturers
Roxxxy the world-first sex robot comes with her own personality matched to yours. She talks, listens, converses, reacts and offers more than high-end sex dolls, say her manufacturers
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
Roxxxy the world's first sex robot
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When it comes to technology, the sex industry is no laggard, and as robots become more human-like in their appearance and abilities, US-based company TrueCompany is poised to launch Roxxxy – the world's first sex robot - that has many more capabilities than your average sex doll. Apart from having better defined physical features than previous dolls, Roxxxy has been programmed with her own personality and her manufacturers say she can listen, talk, carry on a conversation, feel your touch and respond to it, as well as move her private areas inside when she is being "utilized" to deliver an unforgettable erotic experience. There are even plans for a male version - Rocky the Robot.

Roxxxy is the ninth version of TrueCompanion's sex robot. She began development in 2001.

"Our first sex robot, Trudy, was built in the 1990s and was not designed for resale. Rather, she was a test bed to refine techniques which we would later use in Roxxxy and Rocky TrueCompanion," says designer and partner Douglas Hines.

While Roxxxy might look like a high-end quality doll, Hines assures us that the similarities end there.

Apart from her ability to move certain sections of her anatomy (her three high quality construction "inputs" as he delicately states) she also has a personality which is matched as much as possible to her owner's personality.

"So she likes what you like, dislikes what you dislike, etc. She also has moods during the day just like real people! She can be sleepy, conversational or she can 'be in the mood'," says Hines.

She even has an orgasm!

Roxxxy has a heartbeat and a circulatory system! The circulatory system helps heat the inside of her body.

Apart from the usual options sex dolls come with, purchasers can specify her hair color, hair style, skin tone, makeup selection, etc, (the company can also accommodate custom requests), Hines says Roxxxy owners may decide to have the sex robot use one of her five other pre-programmed personalities:

  • Frigid Farrah – reserved and shy
  • Wild Wendy – outgoing and adventurous
  • S&M Susan – ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies
  • Young Yoko – barely 18 and waiting for you to teach her
  • Mature Martha – very experienced and would like to teach you!

And/or "you can build your own additional girlfriend personalities," adds Hines.
"She interacts just like a human interacts," says Hines. "She hears what you are saying as well as where you are touching her and responds as appropriately as possible."

For instance, if you have Roxxxy using her "Frigid Farrah" personality and you touched her in a private area, more than likely, she will not be too appreciative of your advance. But if your Roxxxy is using the "Wild Wendy" personality, she will want you to do it again!

Roxxxy is flexible enough to allow owners to add to the five preloaded girlfriend profiles and change the existing five personalities to better suit their preferences.

Hines explains that it is possible to share girlfriends (other Roxxxy robots) with other owners by "swapping" them back and forth online.

"For example, you lend your custom-built girlfriend, 'Sexy Susan' to one of your friends online – but he can only 'use' her until Sunday morning and then she needs to be returned to you. Until Sunday morning, he can 'engage' your girlfriend by using your Sexy Susan personality with his Roxxxy sex robot. You also have the option of sharing your girlfriend with everyone in our forum if you would like. You will also have access to everyone else's girlfriends, if they allow them to be shared."

Hines says this is the same as wife or girlfriend-swapping without any of the social issues or sexual disease-related concerns.

"All of these features, which all of our sex robots share, make them truly a unique experience," he says, proudly.

At present, Roxxxy models can only speak English but the company anticipates releasing Japanese, Spanish and German-speaking versions soon.

Hines says the company is pleased to have had thousands of requests to buy the sex robots and has had many inquiries with additional questions.

"When you decide to have your own Roxxxy, you will also be subscribed to a monthly support plan that will cover any general support questions as well as updates to your Roxxxy," says Hines.

"Since the subscription service includes updates, she requires a link to the Internet via Wi-Fi. If necessary, you can hook her up to a network cable if you do not have wireless access at your location."

Who are potential buyers of Roxxxy (and Rocky)?

Hines says the sex robots are helping individuals as well as couples spice up their sex lives as well as giving them a true companion (i.e. TrueCompanion) to share their most erotic fantasies or simply to have someone provide them with companionship and unconditional love.

"We also have many people that have hit a 'dry spell' in their love life or do not have many suitable mates living near them. Other couples want to experience a 'threesome'. We are happy to make our customers' dreams come true with their own TrueCompanion."

For those worried about privacy, Hines states that all information is kept confidential. "Also, all billing and shipments reference the generic computer-sounding company name of our partner company: Data Software Solutions, LLC or Data Software Solutions Support. Roxxxy ain't cheap. This top shelf gal's base price is US$7,000 but as Hines attests, she's not a sex doll, she's a sex robot!

"We have a limited time deep discount program being offered as well as flexible payment plans."

Details are on the TrueCompanion website.

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Gruph Norgle
You could probably buy a real woman for that.
I don\'t think I would be happy with my doll being hooked up the Internet. She might have a girly chat with her friends and say derogatory things about my performance! If I was paying that much money for one of these dolls, she would have to look a darn sight more attractive than the model featured in the photos. As for her talkng, what do you do if she says\"No, not tonight. I\'ve got a headache\"? Finally, I can\'t imagine what a real wife would say if one of these arrived in the post. You saying \" I thought we could try a threesome\" wouldn\'t go down too well (although the doll probably does)
Jessica Blake
I think there\'re much better options in sex toys than paying 7K for just one sex doll.
Tiko Luster
Finally for all you lonely , sick, and kinky folks outthere. You finally get your wish. I know there is someone out there who will buy it.
Noah Ackerman
How about seeing some video samples of this robot actually functioning?
Facebook User
Roxxxy needs a new face argh ick ugly
Dan Howell
I\'ll bet there is a decent return on investment for regular patrons of the prostitution industry. Especially if you factor in potential legal fees or doctor\'s bills... Roxxxy pays for herself in just 64 tricks time! Or 6 tricks and one arrests\'s time!
I was once very curious about this type of doll. I\'ve seen many pictures of it\'s details, even the crate it ships in. One word sums up their description: Morbid. How about this name for the object: Formaldehyde Fanny? If you really want to hang with one of these, just what is really left in your brain, much less spirit. Birds of a feather flock together, everyone else is 6\' under or ash. These things have a nasty habit of disintegrating right in front of you, or under you. Repair jobs are a joke too. Until we can figure out how to switch a brain\'s body, there\'s really not much choice, except one of the 6 billion other people out there! Get OUTSIDE guys, try just once talking to a real woman in the produce section of your local market. Oh, you should problably shave and put on some clean clothes to prepare for that. You CAN DO IT.
Let\'s face it. There are guys everywhere who are not going to get a real woman( I did have one, but I sent it back as faulty)
Dread Zontar
I\'m on Dan Howell\'s side ... replace all of Vegas\' \'sex workers\' by these things, and another industry will be fully automated. Even \'better\', it\'ll be legal everywhere.
If you really want to push it, \'glory holes\' can be replaced by \'glory sanitary adapters\' ... get handed a clean-sterile one when you go into your booth, stick it in a wall plug, and voila ... your own disposable love-adapter able to do things that no woman can ever do (imagine the possible robo-muscular innovations possible!). The inventors would have to overcome that sticky-silicone problem that\'s cropped up in places like Toyota\'s gas pedals, but I\'m sure that that can be overcome (without too many casualties).
That being said, we\'d have to watch out; the LAST thing we need is having Ricks and Roxxxys interbreeding and raising a Cylon Army in Antarctica. Even worse, raising one in Alaska and having a Sarah Palin T-1000 \'Barracuda\' to lead them!
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