RSi unveils semi-transparent solar window

RSi unveils semi-transparent s...
Rainbow Solar Inc. announces photovoltaic-glass window
Rainbow Solar Inc. announces photovoltaic-glass window
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Rainbow Solar Inc. announces photovoltaic-glass window
Rainbow Solar Inc. announces photovoltaic-glass window

December 15, 2008 Incorporating sustainable technologies like solar directly into building design is the logical next step in clean energy development and we can expect many more announcements like this one from Rainbow Solar Inc. (RSi) as the industry matures. The company has released details of its semi-transparent, photovoltaic-glass window, a next generation of BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic) which promises to generate up to 250 watts of electricity as well as providing a 100% reduction in Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation.

The enclosed super-tempered glass window system features patent pending, fully integrated, multi-tier PV and heat insulation technology with the ability to generate between 80 to 250 watts. The windows can be produced up to 9x9ft in size, with a full rage of customizable options to meet design, weather, climate, and building code requirements.

RSi has the capability to embed many smart home technologies into the windows, including an optional built-in electrical privacy curtain to completely block out an already shaded glass window. A new technology that converts the entire window into a light panel is also available.

The RSi PV-Glass Window works using the sun’s light and heat to generate electricity, reduce heat, and provide a semi-transparent display. According to a study conducted by the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), the window achieved energy savings of more than 50% in a hot-house test.

In a further nod to sustainability, RSi is also looking to localize production by licensing glass window manufactures in the US and Canada. The focus on BIPV is being driven by rising energy prices and environmental awareness, as well as solar being the only currently affordable solution that can be applied to an individual’s property that is truly self sustaining, low maintenance and in this case, doesn’t require big design changes.

RSi is also introducing the first modular Megawatt PBS/UPS power storage system. It uses a new battery technology with a projected lifespan of 55 years (US Energy Sandia Lab test results).

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