As electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, designers are finding new, interesting ways to make them stand out from the crowd. With looks more akin to a motorbike, the Ruffian mixes old-fashioned style with all the performance and range you'd expect of a high-end German electric bike.

We're going to ignore the styling for now, and talk about the electric goodness that hides within. Ruff Cycles has turned to Bosch for its battery and motor, slotting a 500-Wh power pack into the powder-coated steel tank and a 250W pedal-assist motor into the frame. It's hooked up to an eight-speed hub gearbox from Shimano, which also supplies the hydraulic brakes.

Top speed depends on where you are in the world, because legislation varies between countries. The system will cut out at 20 mph (32 km/h) in North America, while European buyers will be capped at 16 mph (25 km/h). Given it weighs 33 kg (73 lb), the pedal assist system is likely to earn its keep when you're trying to scale inclines, not high-speed runs on long, straight sections of road. More impressive than performance is a peak range of 90 km (56 mi) and a 3.5-hour charge time.

Ruff isn't the first company to try and blend old-fashioned chopper style with e-bike internals. Derringer channeled board-track looks with its release and, more recently, Outlaw has been turning heads with a Porsche 356-inspired performance offering. Although all three bikes share some similarities, the Ruffian has a unique sense of style.

It rides on 26-inch wheels, and the power-coated frame is available in a range of different colors. Dragster handlebars are standard, as is a sprung leather saddle. Oversized lights also help contribute to the motorbike looks, although the fact you're pedaling, wearing a regular helmet and, you know, not hustling along the interstate might ruin that image.

There are three colors available on the Ruffian, which will be on display at Interbike in September. Prices start at €5,499 (US$6,500). That isn't cheap, especially compared to some of the other e-bikes we've covered that boast better performance and off-road credentials. But we're sure some will be willing to shell out for the stylish cruiser.

Source: Ruff Cycles

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