Airstream's Basecamp trailer released in 2016 was a stripped back camper in some ways, shedding some of the weight and bulk of its bigger siblings in order to travel behind smaller crossovers and SUVs. The company has just launched a more rugged model, which retains the mobility of the original Basecamp but is equipped to travel further off the beaten path.

More basic it may be, but the Airstream Basecamp still packs plenty of creature comforts for adventure-makers headed into the wilderness. Inside is a full wet bath and shower, two-burner stove and fridge, along with enough sleeping space for two.

These all carry over to the new Basecamp X, but a few new features have been added to improve its durability. A three-inch lift kit will offer better ground clearance, and redesigned wheels wrapped in fresh Goodyear Wrangler tires should offer greater grip over rougher terrain. A stainless steel front stone guard and front window protector, meanwhile, will help shield its shiny exterior from errant rocks and stones.

Like the original, the Basecamp X features a versatile rear space. Accessed via a single hatch, it won't offer the same loading room as some of Airstream's larger trailers, but does give easy access to 10.5 ft (3.2 m) of load floor length for stashing bikes, boats, and whatever else the adventure calls for.

This space doubles as a versatile living/sleeping/dining area that can serve as a full-size bed for two, a single bed or a place to chow down with adjustable dining tables and seating for five. Conveniently, this all breaks down and can be stowed away during travel for maximum storage space.

Impressively, the extras that accompany the sturdier Basecamp X add only 50 lb (23 kg) to its total weight, tipping the scales at 2,635 lb (1,200 kg). The price tag brings a more marked difference, however, with a recommended retail price of US$39,600 compared to the $36,900 original.

Source: Airstream

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