Back in 2014, we first heard about the Rungu Juggernaut, an eye-popping fat-tired upright trike designed for travelling across loose terrain such as sand. The following year, Rungu came out with the motorized Electric Juggernaut. Now, the company is introducing the less-expensive pedal-assist Electric Juggernaut MDV.

The original Electric Juggernaut (the non-MDV version) is equipped with a 2,100-watt 3-phase high-torque rear hub motor that can take it up to 25 mph (40 km/h). That motor can only be used in throttle mode, however, as the trike does not feature a pedal-assist mode – it's either pedalled using nothing but human power, or it's used like an electric motorbike, with no pedalling.

By contrast, the Electric Juggernaut MDV features both throttle and pedal-assist modes, the latter of which uses the motor to boost the rider's pedalling power. Additionally, instead of a hub motor, the trike utilizes a 1,000-watt Bafang M610 mid-drive unit. This keeps the weight more evenly-balanced than a rear hub motor, while still delivering a throttle-only top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h).

Power is supplied by a down-tube-mounted 52V/15Ah battery pack that should provide a range of approximately 53 miles (85 km) in pedal-assist mode, or 18 miles (29 km) when only using the throttle. A handlebar-mounted color LCD display lets riders check the charge level of that battery, plus it allows them to do things like selecting the amount of electrical pedal assistance provided.

Some of the MDV's other features include a 6061-T6 aluminum frame, dual 60-mm suspension forks, a Shimano Deore 10-speed 11-36T drivetrain, 26 x 4.8-inch tires, and Tektro 180-mm hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels. It tips the scales at 82 lb (37 kg).

If you're interested in getting an Electric Juggernaut MDV, you can order it from Rungu (see link below) with pricing starting at US$3,399. Prices for the original Electric Juggernaut – which does have a slightly higher top speed and longer range – start at $3,958. Buyers might also want to check out the even faster and longer-running $7,259 Electric Juggernaut LE.

Source: Rungu

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