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IFA eye-candy: Samsung all-in-one slimline TV

IFA eye-candy: Samsung all-in-...
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Samsung's 52" UltraSlim LCD TV
Samsung's 52" UltraSlim LCD TV

August 30, 2008 Among the forest of flat screen TVs on display at IFA 2008, Samsung's 52" UltraSlim LCD TV grabbed our attention in terms of sheer head-turning good looks. While not achieving quite the wafer thin profile of the Sony ZX1, which is under half an inch (9.9mm) at its thinnest point, Samsung's offering makes up or this with a silkily attractive design featuring a smoothly curved rear casing which makes it look almost as good from the back as it does from the front.

A definite drawcard at Samsung's IFA 2008 stand where it is being shown in both black and white finishes, the unit sports impressive picture quality and a full range of connectivity options nicely tucked away in the rear... but word is that we'll have to wait until next year before it hits the market.

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