Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab was Android’s first iPad rival. “Rival” probably isn’t the best word, though: the iPad sold in bunches while the overpriced (US$600) Galaxy Tab collected dust. Almost three years later, a much more popular Samsung has announced the 7-inch slate’s second proper sequel: the Galaxy Tab 3.

The Tab 3 takes some design cues from the Galaxy Note line, but make no mistake. This tablet is far from being a high-end piece of hardware.

We’re looking at a mediocre display: 1024 x 600, spread over 7 inches. It also sports a nondescript 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM. Its camera is low-res (3-megapixels in the rear shooter), and it even runs last year’s version of Android (4.1 Jelly Bean).

Budget pricing?

So we’re probably also looking at budget pricing here. The US$400 Galaxy Note 8.0 doesn’t have the most cutting-edge hardware either, but – in addition to supporting the S Pen – its components are at least a notch or two above these ho-hum Galaxy Tab 3 specs.

Of course mid-range isn't necessarily a bad thing – when the price is right. Unless it somehow drops below the US$200 mark, though, it will have some tough competition. At least on paper, the Nexus 7 – which could soon come in a new version – easily outpaces the Tab 3.

The official word on pricing will have to wait, though, as Samsung hasn’t announced the Tab 3 for any specific markets yet. The global rollout for the Wi-Fi version begins in May, and a 3G version will follow in June. Yep, 3G: it also lacks LTE. Mid-range indeed.

Source: Samsung

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