In years past, a gaggle of high-end Android phones have competed for headlines – while the iPhone’s press coverage dwarfed them all. But today Samsung’s Galaxy S series has distanced itself from other Android flagships, and is approaching iPhone-levels of hype. With Thursday’s Galaxy S IV announcement standing as one of the biggest mobile tech events of the year, Samsung has teased the first official image of the handset.

Earlier today, Samsung Mobile USA tweeted the above image of the Galaxy S IV. Doesn’t exactly tell us a lot, but the silhouette does suggest that the upcoming phone won’t diverge far from its predecessor’s design.

Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3

In the above image, we brightened Samsung’s teased Galaxy S IV image, and placed the Galaxy S III next to it. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were slightly different variations of the same phone.

The Galaxy S IV in Samsung’s image appears to be missing the speaker grille and there also isn’t an obvious front-facing camera above the display. It’s hard to imagine the phone not having both, so this could just be some sloppy Photoshopping on Samsung’s part.

You can only make out so much from a shadowy teaser, but the previous assessment that the S4’s physical design would take a backseat to its software appears to be sound.

Rumored features

Samsung may center its marketing around the Galaxy S IV’s rumored eye tracking feature. It will automatically scroll select pages when your eye reaches the end.

Previous rumors have pointed to a 5-inch 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM, and either a quad-core (more likely) or octa-core (less likely) Exynos processor. The rumor mill hasn’t decided whether the Galaxy S4 will sport an 8-megapixel or 13-megapixel camera.

No matter what surprises Samsung has up its sleeve, you don’t have long to wait. Stay tuned to Gizmag for all the Galaxy S IV coverage leading up to Thursday’s event.

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