The cutting edge of pet architecture shouldn't just be for cats, so it's only right that man's best friend enjoys some plush digs too. With this in mind, Samsung has unveiled a concept kennel that features luxury amenities like a treadmill, hydrotherapy pool, and an automated feeder. It's a dog's life, eh?

The Dream Doghouse was conceived to promote Samsung's sponsorship of this year's Crufts dog show in the UK, so it isn't going to be hitting the market any time soon. The firm tasked a team of 12 designers, including an architect, to come up with the concept. It cost a total of £20,000 (US$30,500) to develop.

It's split into three areas: a rest and entertainment space, a dining area, and an unsheltered leisure area with astro-turf grass. Much of the technology on display doesn't actually work, but Samsung imagines a treadmill and hydrotherapy pool would offer exercise and relaxation, an automatic feeder would dispense dog treats at a hit of a paw, and a push-button "woof-operated" PA system would help the mutt-in-residence keep in touch with its owners.

The dining area is finished in vinyl wallpaper and personalized framed portraits display Crufts "pin-ups." The interior of the entertainment area is decked out in thick fire-retardant carpet, and Samsung's designers also placed a Galaxy Tab S on the wall – though in our experience dogs usually prefer standing on, jumping on, or knocking over tablets rather than playing Candy Crush Saga and the like ...

The Samsung Dream Doghouse is on display at this year's Crufts, which starts on March 5. The video below shows a little more information on the design.

Source: Samsung UK

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