September 24, 2008 In-built Wi-Fi transfer capabilities have been surfacing in the digital camera market for some time and more recently Wi-Fi cards have been added to the mix. Now Samsung has come up with a new wireless solution for its digital camera range - the NaBee. Produced in conjunction with Alereon, the NaBee is a miniature dongle that plugs into the camera's USB port and wirelessly transfers data via a corresponding dongle on the computer.

One of the key reasons that Samsung chose to partner with Alereon is because the company's AL5000 USB Chipset family transmits and receives in frequencies spanning from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz, meaning worldwide compatibility is significantly enhanced.

“As customer demand continues to grow for unique applications, we are dedicated to differentiating our products in powerful ways," said Seong-Young Han, Group Leader of New Business Development at Samsung Techwin. “Samsung is a worldwide leader in the digital camera market and continues to exemplify that leadership with today’s Wireless USB introduction showcasing creative innovation using new high speed wireless technology.”

NaBee is expected to hit the market in December 2008 but there's no official word on pricing as yet.