April 6, 2009 While a thick bezel surrounding a TV screen is hardly a problem for home users it can quickly ruin the effect of a video wall made up of multiple screens. Samsung’s new 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD Series 46” LCD Professional Displays are designed specifically to minimize this problem with a super-narrow bezel measuring just 2.4mm (right and bottom) of the screen and 4.3mm (left and top) to deliver a total of 7.3mm bezel between live screen areas when tiling multiple units.

The displays all offer 1366 x 768 resolution, 3000:1 contrast, 8 ms Response Time and full PC- and video-connectivity on panel utilizing Samsung DID panel technology for 24/7 continuous operation. The 460UT Series, which is due out this month, delivers up to 700 nits of brightness and features a built-in video wall processor and a removable back panel for easy access to the control board and PC slot. Meanwhile the 460UTn features a built-in network PC running Microsoft Windows XP-embedded, and Samsung’s MagicInfo content management and delivery software letting users manage content over a network. Lastly the 460UTn-UD offers a software solution for the creation of a video wall of up to 250 displays running in real-time from a single PC, while processing information from up to 125 PC sources with the software providing the flexibility to manipulate content by zooming in and out or switching and dragging images.

The new Samsung displays are just the thing for corporate lobbies, presentation rooms, tradeshow booths or people looking to seriously outdo their neighbors 50-inch HDTV. There’s no word on pricing as yet but you’re not likely to find the new displays in your local store’s bargain bin.

Darren Quick

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