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Samsung releases innovative LED LCD TV

Samsung releases innovative LED LCD TV
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September 6, 2006 Samsung used the backdrop of the IFA show to announced a 40" LCD TV with high powered LED Backlight technology. The new technology has already received the prestigious "Innovation Award" from the EISA (European Image and Sound Association) for its superb features including LED light source, 146% wide colour gamut and industry leading contrast ratio (10,000:1). The new 40" with LED light source realises far richer colour reproduction, based on a wide colour gamut that is 46% improved from previous models and enables unprecedented sound volume. High Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Samsung's proprietary technology, provides deeper and more refined images with the highest contrast in the industry.

The LED LCD TV also brings a new level to the clarity of moving images, based on Samsung's exclusive LCD 100 Hz video quality enhancement technology. A TV screen displays about 50 frames per second, which can create drag in fast-moving videos. Samsung's LCD 100 Hz inserts a frame between each two frames, considerably reducing motion blur. The inserted frame maintains the detailed motion characteristic of the video, and goes through motion estimation and compensation processing. Therefore, compared to a mere duplication and insertion of frames, more natural motion can be realised without undermining other characteristics such as clarity, brightness and colour.

The LED light source helps increase the panel life two fold compared to previous CCFL panels. The light source is also environmentally friendly because it uses no Mercury.

LED TVs are changing the way we view television. They combine advanced technology and ultra brillant LED lights for an enhanced effect to provide crystal clear images. The integration of these two technology elements produces a superior level of picture quaity as well as an excellant reduction in energy consumption. I work with Sharp and know first hand how fabulous these TV\'s are.
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It may be worth noting that \'led tv\' is more accurately described as \'LED backlighting\' TVs, since it is still an LCD television. That wasn\'t immediately clear to me until I read about it in a guide.
i\'m quite confused about the LED technology. people says LED of Samsung, Sony are comparatively best whereas friends are discussing that IPS panel in LED would be better than others.