Samsung has continued its collaboration with Six Flags theme parks to reimagine the virtual reality roller coaster concept that launched last year. Two new mixed reality coaster experiences are coming to California Six Flags locations, and they feature complex gameplay where riders can try for a high score.

On The New Revolution Galactic Attack rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, guests don Samsung Gear VR headsets while they ride (pre-existing) loop coasters that have been specially tapped for VR.

The Galactic Attack experience utilizes the headsets' passthrough camera function to provide a mixed reality experience: The wearer can see their real-world surroundings and other passengers, but the scene is augmented with virtual elements, at times dipping into pure virtual reality. This is a departure from the start-to-finish virtual experience that first emerged last year.

There's a new arcade-style element as well: Riders see a heads-up display showing stats like weaponry, time codes, fuel cells and a countdown clock. They zap through a wormhole to find themselves in a space battle. The decisions they make affect their final score, and it could lead to three different possible endings. That sounds like a whole new layer of excitement and immersion – on top of riding a high-speed coaster in the first place.

The New Revolution Galactic Attack ride in at Six Flags Magic Mountain opens to the public the weekend of February 25. At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, it officially opens February 20. Both parks are hosting a preview weekend combined with a food drive: Guests that bring a bag of non-perishables to the parks between February 18-20 are eligible for an exclusive early ride.

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Source: Six Flags

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