Who wants to send Santa a wish list when you can just call him instead? Santa has scored his very own Google Voice number, a number you or your children can call the jolly old man at and say hello, or detail what you'd like to see under the tree.

Santa is obviously pretty busy this time of year, so chances are you're going to get his voicemail rather than the man himself. This morning his outgoing message indicated he and Mrs. Claus were working on decorating the tree, but offered the option to leave a message he could check when the tree decorating was complete.

If your little one would prefer to get a call from Old St. Nick rather than leave a message, personalized phone calls can be set up from the man in red at SendCallFromSanta. Calls can be customized to include where the recipient lives, their name, and what they want for Christmas. The site also asks questions about the recipient's favorite food, what winter holiday they celebrate (it doesn't have to be Christmas), and what Santa should call the recipient during the call.

Calls are free for U.S. and Canadian users, outside of those areas the service will cost US$.01/minute (plus any applicable VATs).

This isn't the first time Santa's gotten his own number. In 2006 a service from TollFreeForwarding.com, let children call Santa and leave a Christmas list voicemail that could then be forwarded to parents to help them get holiday shopping done.

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