• Researchers have taken the best genetic characteristics of the Fraser fir, arguably the most popular choice for Christmas tree, and used them to create a tree that’s taller, prettier, and – importantly – sheds only a fraction of its needles.
  • ​If your city has a program for converting old Christmas trees into mulch or compost, that's good, but … evergreen needles do take a long time to decompose. According to new research, those needles could instead be harvested and used in products such as paints or sweeteners.
  • A large international study, dubbed the “Santa survey,” is investigating how, and at what age, children begin to change their minds about the existence of Santa Claus. The research also examines whether a child’s trust in adults is threatened by the discovery that Santa isn’t real.
  • Science
    A new radiocarbon dating study by Oxford University researchers on a bone attributed to St Nicholas has been dated to around the 4th century CE bringing us closer to uncovering the authentic remains of the original Santa Claus.
  • ​​Those looking to bring some high-flying Christmas cheer to the 2017 festive season are spoilt for choice, at least when it comes to today's hobbyist drones. Here are our picks for the best drones to get a loved one buzzing come Christmas morning. ​
  • Everybody wishes they were a kid again sometimes, and that feeling only gets stronger when you look at how cool toys are nowadays. New Atlas rounds up some of the best and most high-tech toys to help you spoil the kids this festive season (or yourself – we won’t tell anybody).
  • Even though Santa only goes exploring once a year – and drives a sleigh when he does – Land Rover has decided to create him a cabin capable of keeping two campers warm in temperatures down to -20°​C (-4°​F).
  • ​If you're struggling to find a gift for that friend who loves their geek toys, or even if you just want to treat yourself with a fun, little pop-culture toy, then you've come to the right place. Here is our run-down of the best stocking-stuffers for your inner geek.
  • It seems like almost every toy now comes with a companion app. So, unless you like never seeing your smartphone, or enjoy having your tablet battery drained, it might be time your kid had a tablet of their own. Here we look at some of the best tablets for children available in 2016.
  • Toys need to be fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be educational too, and there are some great examples around at the moment that teach things like coding, making and design skills. Here we look at some of the best educational tech toys which are going to be available for Christmas 2016.
  • With quadcopters, interactive robots and wearables on many kids’ letters to Santa, Christmas 2016 promises to be a tech-filled holiday. Here we look at some of the tech toys which are expected to be big hits this festive season.
  • Christmas is fast approaching, and while any children you’re getting gifts for probably know exactly what they want, you might not be so clued up on what’s hot and what’s not. Gizmag runs you through the best and most-wanted tech toys for Christmas 2015.
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