Mounting a flat panel TV securely on a wall is one of the best ways of positioning the screen at the right viewing height and angle, while freeing up valuable room space. Traditional mounts have to be drilled and screwed into a stud or brick wall in order to hold the weight of the TV. But if you’re not a DIY fan, live in an apartment where attacking the wall with a power drill isn't an option, or just think you might change your mind later about where you want to watch TV, then this no-drill TV mount kit from Sanus might appeal.

The Foundations Basic Series comprises two three-shelf AV stands – the BFAV344 and BFAV550 – which can be used in combination with the Sanus new Foundations FMK056 Mount Kit to position the TV to the desired height without drilling into the wall or taking up additional shelf space. The mount kit attaches directly to the back of the AV stands with no drilling or installation required on the wall.

The FMK056 includes a tilting mount that provides ±12° of tilt and up to 30° of swivel to help you get the perfect viewing angle or dodge sunlight reflections at various times of the day.

The BFAV344 is available in high-gloss black lacquered finish, while the BFAV550 offers hardwood front veneers that come in a chestnut or chocolate finish. Both feature a curved shape, which allows the furniture to be positioned in the corner of a room or flat against a wall.

Hiding unsightly cables is often a problem with wall-mounted TVs, too. But both furniture units have cable management holes for keeping AV cables organized and out of sight.

The BFAV344 and BFAV550 units can support TVs up to 56 inches and have a top shelf weight capacity of 125 lbs (56 kg).

The Sanus ‘no drill’ FMK056 mount sells for US$199.99, the BFAV344 costs US$269.99, and the BFAV550 is US$229.99. All are available now through specialty AV suppliers.

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