Boston, MA-based Schopfer Associates is planning to build a novel stingray-shaped floating residence somewhere off the coast of an island in the Aegean Sea. The two story home will be accessed from land by its "stinger tail," which serves as a driveway, and can be relocated to another nearby spot with the use of a tug.

The home looks very luxurious from the renders, with the use of concrete, metal panels, and generous glazing all lending a very high-end feel. Like Casa Brutale, there's more than a touch of the Bond villain lair to the design too.

It's no minnow, with total floorspace coming in at around 9,000 sq ft (836 sq m), though this size may be modified slightly, depending on the client's wishes. Schopfer Associates told us that it has also conceived smaller versions to serve hospitality functions.

The large deck area will feature a courtyard and two-car garage, in addition to an infinity pool, hot tub, fire pit, and a dock for speedboats.

Access to the home proper is gained by a covered entryway. The ground (or is that water?) floor includes a large lounge, kitchen, and dining area, while a winding staircase leads upstairs to three bedrooms. These will be arranged around a rotunda, with bathrooms and dressing rooms flanking the master bedroom's foyer.

The home will float on a composite foam concrete base which will enable the owner to remain at the chosen site or move to another nearby with the use of a tug, though obviously nobody will want to be towing this thing regularly around. Power will be met by land-based hookups and solar panels.

Sting Ray is still in the planning stage but is due to be completed in late 2017. We've no word on the price, but it's probably one of those times that if you have to ask, then you can't afford it.

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