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Colossal new species may be largest animal that ever existed

August 02, 2023
The blue whale has long been considered the largest animal to have ever existed, even dwarfing the biggest known dinosaurs. But now a new species threatens to steal the crown, and upends what we thought we knew about whale evolution.


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  • France and Italy team up to build Moon habitat

    November 29, 2023
    France and Italy are teaming up to build a habitat for future moon bases with Franco-Italian technology company Thales Alenia Space and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) signing a contract to develop the Multi-Purpose Habitat for NASA's Artemis project.
  • Ariane 6 rocket fires engine in dress rehearsal for launch

    November 27, 2023
    ESA's next-generation Ariane 6 heavy rocket came another step closer to flight on November 23, 2023 as it completed a long-duration hot-fire test of the stacked booster's Vulcain 2.1 engine at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.
  • Deep space travel may mean astronauts can’t get it up back on Earth

    November 26, 2023
    Researchers have found that deep space travel can cause long-lasting erectile dysfunction. With crewed space missions planned for the near future, the findings highlight the importance of considering astronauts’ sexual health.
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  • New dolphin super power discovered

    December 01, 2023
    Already armed with an impressive sonar system, new research reveals that dolphins have an extra ability that evolves as they mature in the area where their baby whiskers once were. The super sense may help them navigate and find hidden food sources.
  • Algorithm identifies 188 new CRISPR gene-editing systems

    November 26, 2023
    CRISPR systems are powerful tools for genetic engineering, but they have their limitations. Now, scientists have discovered almost 200 new CRISPR systems in bacteria, and found that some can edit human cells even more precisely than existing ones.
  • Sugar and fat "tug of war" can derail your diet before you know it

    November 26, 2023
    If you overindulge in sugary treats, the good news is that your sweet tooth will be silenced. The bad news, though, is that this triggers a hormonal call out for fatty foods. And even worse news, too much fat will then switch sugar cravings back on.
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