Remember a few years ago when Razor scooters were the thing every kid wanted to have? While the trend may have died in the mainstream, there are still dedicated scooter riders out there, and a quick trip to any skatepark will likely yield just as many scooter riders as skateboarders. A company called Fuzion Scooters is looking to mix things up a bit by adding a little bit of pogo stick action to the JumpX scooter.

The JumpX comes with adjustable internal springs in the front and a leaf spring on the rear that allows riders to place some downward pressure and generate the pop required to launch the scooter in the air. As a bonus, the springs in the front and rear also give riders a smoother ride.

The deck of the JumpX is made with aircraft grade aluminum. The fork is made of steel, as are the handle bars.

Like scooters that have come before, the JumpX comes with a brake over the rear wheel that allows riders to slow the scooter down and stop. It also comes with 110 mm wheels that are designed to let the rider travel quickly.

An important thing to note about the first production run, which is seeking funding on Kickstarter, is that JumpX is recommended for riders under 140 pounds (67.6 kg), though Fuzion Scooters is planning to bring a model to market in the coming months that can accommodate heavier riders. To receive a scooter, backers will need to pledge at least US$89 plus $10 for shipping.

The Kickstarter pitch below demonstrates what the JumpX can do.

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