Just in case you ever run out of things to do on the internet, a London-based software developer has built a desktop app that turns your display into a playable game of Super Mario Brothers. Screentendo works by popping open a window that can be dragged over objects on screen, turning them into a classic brick playground for everybody's favorite moustachioed plumber.

Ever wanted to take to Google's logo with the top of Mario's scone? Or a leisurely skip across random towers of bricks rather than staring at dry bar graphs in Microsoft Excel? Coder Aaron Randall is here to save the day.

Firing up his Screentendo app will open up a resizable, semi-transparent window that users can drag over the top of their existing windows. This effectively takes a screenshot of whatever is underneath, an image that is processed by several filters and finally converted into the game's trademark blocks, clouds and blue skies.

There's no enemies, objectives or any real point to the game, but not everybody needs an excuse to watch Mario run around and do his thing. Randall created Screentendo as a proof-of-concept and says it has a few limitations, such as the speed of the conversion and that it requires contrasting colors to work.

Randall details the technical process over on his blog. You can also access the Screentendo app there, but you'll need to download the source code from GitHub, have Mac OSX and a heavy case of nostalgia to get it up and running.

You can see how it works in the video below.

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