Swedish medical technology company Sectra has announced that a version of the Autopsy Table is now being offered to medical personnel. The Sectra Visualization Table will allow physicians to view virtual representations of real bodies in microscopic detail to help with decisions on treatment and care.

Like the Autopsy Table, Sectra's Visualization Table offers high resolution, three-dimensional, full-size images of an actual body in real time based on CT and/or MRI scan volume data. The 46-inch medical multi-touch display surface will offer medical personnel the chance to slice through or remove layers of body tissue and bone with the swipe of a finger, and without spilling a drop of blood.

Built on a customized version of Sectra's PACS image management system, the Table can be positioned in a vertical upright, angled or horizontal flat position and caters for simultaneous, multi-user interactive collaboration. Images are displayed at up to full 1080p high definition resolution, and can be zoomed in and out and rotated to help physicians quickly decide and implement the necessary care regime in multi-trauma cases.

In addition to potentially reducing the need for emergency exploratory surgery, the device will also find uses in medical education and of course, virtual autopsies.

The Sectra Visualization Table was developed in cooperation with the University of Linköping, the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization, Norrköping Visualization Center and the The Interactive Institute. It was launched at RSNA 2010.

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