If you've done much camping, chances are that you've probably seen fellow campers sitting around the chilly campsite first thing in the morning, wearing their sleeping bag like it's a dressing gown. Well, Chilean graphic designer Rodrigo Alonso Schramm has taken the wearable sleeping bag concept one step farther, and created one with arms, legs, and a hood. Sold as both the Selk'Bag (in homage to the nomadic Chilean Selk'nam people) and the Musuc'Bag, it could be just the thing for those times when you feel like getting up, but don't want to get out of bed.

In order to make life a little easier for users when they're up and about in their Selk'Bag, the product features nylon soles with anti-slip pads on the feet, and quick-release closures at the ends of the arms, that allow users to stick their hands out. It also has a cinchable drawstring opening on the hood, and insulated draft tubes around the zippers and neck.

While most people would probably go for the Classic model, there's also one for kids (with a front kangaroo pocket), a light version, and a soon-to-be-released better-insulated model with detachable feet, so that users can wear their own boots with it.

The Selk'Bag/Musuc'Bag is available at various outdoors shops and online retailers for around US$150.

If you like the idea of a sleeping bag that can be worn as a jacket but that also serves as a tent, check out the JakPak.

Source: Firebox

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