The Selk'bag wearable sleeping bag just got a little cooler. The newly introduced Patagon version includes a set of removable booties. You can zip them off and then wear your usual hiking boots or camp sandals while enjoying the warmth and freedom of the Selk'bag suit.

Developed in 2006 in Santiago, Chile, the Selk'bag was designed as a more comfortable, versatile sleeping bag. Rather than constricting your body like typical sleeping bags, the arms and legs of the Selk'bag move with you at night. They also allow the bag to double as a sort of insulated one-piece for wearing around camp on chilly mornings and evenings.

Original Selk'bag models have had reinforced feet so that they can endure the dirt, twigs and rocks of the campground. Of course, walking around with puffy, oversized slippers attached to your puffy, oversized pant-suit doesn't give you the dexterity or versatility of regular shoes, and despite the reinforcements, it also makes the bag likelier to wear out over time.

The new Patagon solves this problem with zippered feet. You can zip the feet off when walking around camp and wear your normal footwear, making you a little more surefooted while saving the bag some wear and tear. Now you can walk around the campground, gather firewood and even hike while still enjoying the warm, cozy confines of your sleeping bag suit. The removable booties also zip together and serve as a pillow, though we suppose that'll require making other arrangements for covering your feet at night.

Selk'bag says the new model offers better thermal performance because of upgraded Krakran insulation and a new two-dimensional fit. The four-season sleeping bag is rated for temperatures between 9ºF (extreme low) and 44ºF (comfortable) (-13 to 6ºC). New Velcro straps let wearers roll up the sleeves so that they can better use their hands for cooking, building a fire and other campsite activities.

The Selk'bag Patagon will be available in the coming weeks for US$259.

Source: Selk'bag

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