If you're into the quantified self movement or just very serious about your fitness tracking, there's now a complete running ensemble for you. Sensoria, the company that gave us smart fitness socks a few years ago, now offers a full smart running outfit providing audio and visual feedback on your workout in real time.

Sensoria's "Smart Running System" includes two pairs of smart socks and two connected anklets, a fitness t-shirt or sports bra with embedded heart rate electrodes and a heart rate monitor. There's also an included anklet charger and the entire thing connects to the Sensoria mobile app and web dashboard.

Wearing all this tech during your runs generates reams of data, including heart rate, cadence, duration of foot contact with the ground, the average position of your foot strike, pace, distance, altitude and calories burned.

The selling point here is adding the unique measurement abilities of the smart socks to what you might get with many other fitness trackers from the likes of Fitbit or Jawbone. The socks have textile pressure sensors infused in their material that transmit data back to the mobile app via the Bluetooth and accelerometer-enabled anklet that snaps on to the socks.

The compression shirt and sports bra can connect to most Bluetooth heart rate monitors with standard straps, but allow you to just snap the monitor right on to the garment without having to fool with a strap. All the garments are moisture-wicking, machine washable and anti-microbial.

The Sensoria app takes in all the data from the system and offers visual and audio coaching and feedback during your workout or afterwards.

The smart running system sells for US$399 for the men's system with a shirt or $389 for the women's with a sports bra instead. All the garments are also available individually, but the full system is $100 cheaper than buying it all separately.

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